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Between Two Lungs

November 30, 2009

So, as predicted, I’ve let this my new found blogging become rather neglected over the past few weeks. I’ve just been reading my sister’s most recent post on Facebook about social media, the implications and way people should use sites such as this, along with Facebook and Twitter (for example). Some people use the sites for personal expression (i.e. “Feeling shit because of this” or “loving my new job” etc) – taking simple social interaction to a digital level surely encourages a kind of disassociation from the feeling and from real life where feedback and responses are thought about and delayed, rather than incorporating the body language and instant reaction factor – which personally is extremely important to myself when dealing with anything that’s particularly emotional in my life. I like to think the friends I keep on social networking sites are all people I’d genuinely say hello to in the street, but that doesn’t mean I want them all to know when I’m having a crappy day – or if my relationship status changes – or even if I’m having a particularly wonderful day for that matter. To be honest I doubt I’d even want a hug when upset off some of them.


I realise these thoughts are a bit scattered, it’s due to a frustration of people continually posting negativity on Facebook – and being inspired by reading Emily’s latest post. I don’t think that personal expression should be discouraged at all, but occasionally doesn’t it seem as if people post these things simply for attention? But on the other hand – isn’t that why people complain in the first place, to get some attention – to get things off their chest and to clear their head? Either way people are gaining a support network, either digitally or physically, it just depends on what people set out to gain in the first place I suppose.


That nicely brings me on to my next thought – I’m currently considering what I want from this blog – whether to use it as a public splurge for all of my scattered thoughts, or perhaps honing it as a sort of online CV… or maybe a combination of both. I’m hoping to get back in to writing more film and music reviews, maybe balancing the personal and the work side of things just to keep it a wee bit professional whilst injecting a decent portion of ginger in to it. Hmm.



October 2, 2009


Token Eurostar photo

With the infamous Wilkinson eyebrows, a decent splattering of freckles and dark sense of humour we’re like peas in two brightly coloured complementary pods.

“I’ve just seen the future, you and me are gonna start something up together…dunno what it is yet! Our interests are merging…hmmmmm exciting!”

– This is the latest email from my sister, and she’s right – as we get older I’m becoming less academicly structured and more creative, and Em is using her natural creativity as her work and business. Seeing her with paint in her hair and surrounded by scrawled post it notes on the walls used to just lead me think she was a crazed eccentric (which she still is and hopefully will always be), but looking through her dissertation and aims with sustainable design there could actually be a serious scope for an independent business here. Ideally I’m thinking of essentially marketing my sister (not in the pimp sense) as a sustainable spokeperson and designer, not quite sure how this might work in practice – but lots of food for thought all the same.

A joint project is definitely on the cards for the Wilkinson duo, just need to get my arse down to London to discuss it over a lot of red wine (flashback to watching Synedoche, New York in the Ritzy with Em in Brixton – that was one heavy night and a blog for another more reflective time…).

Fix up, look sharp

September 25, 2009

Well, I’ve finally done it. After nearly three years of working in the Media I’ve given in to the landslide of Online Media and set up my own blog. After working with newspapers and magazines during and since Uni, I’ve always been advised that Online Media is the way forward and that newspapers are a dying breed – which seems obvious given the growing awareness of sustainability and access to knowledge.

Needless to say, this is only something that will grow. With the current economic climate I am desperately clinging to my monotonous job with an eagle like grip, with the thought that I should have started up this blog a long time ago to relieve some of the head-banging office politics and annoyances that so frequently occur during the working day.

Anyway, chin up to the future and all that, hoping that all of my blogs don’t sound quite as wanky as this one.